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All educational facilities, a student needs for their growth

  • Sprawling campus with neat, clean and safe with all hygiene and sanitary measures.
  • Spacious airy class rooms with cross ventilation.
  • Well stored library with subjective books, magazines, current affair books, story books, GK and competitive books.
  • Maths lab – sharpens the analytical mind with practical problems of Arithmetic, Geometry and Algebra.
  • Physics lab, Chemistry Lab and Biology lab with wide range of practical equipments.
  • Computer lab encourages practical application of scientific knowledge.
  • Huge playground for indoor and outdoor games and wide range of games item.
  • Big airy conference hall for meetings, yoga, gymnastics etc.
  • Variety of music instruments at music room.
  • Safe drinking water for students.
  • CCTV camera has been installed in every place of campus.
  • The school provides facilities of first-aid only.
  • Transportation.

Close circuit cameras in each class room with its control in the principal’s office to maintain strict discipline.

  • Smart Classes
  • RO Water
  • Fire Safety
  • Well equipped labs
  • Transport facility
  • ERP System


The school is well guarded round‐the‐clock by security guards. Security guards are also provided by the school whenever students go out on excursion etc.

Science Lab (Phy., Chem. & Bio.)

The budding scientists to carry out various experiments.


BSS Public School provides wide range of sports and recreational activities. The activities currently available includes volley ball, basket ball, table tennis. Cricket, badminton, karate etc.


The school cafeteria provides nourishing wholesome snacks and drinks in the most hygienic conditions. Students come and eat in the cafeteria during break, Students have the facility of ordering lunch on a monthly payment basis.


Transport facility is available for the students within a radius of 20 kms from the school. This facility is chargeable. All users of the school bus facility are expected to accept the rules prescribed for them. The facility can be withdrawn from those who violate the rules and commit offences like fighting or ill treating other students, showing dis‐respect to the staff, not observing safety rules or not maintaining good order and discipline in the bus.

House System

The school population is vertically divided into four units called houses. The four houses are -Kanchenjunga, -Aravali, -Neelkanth, -Kailash. Each house is under the charge of a house master who is assisted by an assistant. All competitions, games, and co‐curricular activities are held on house basis.

School Library

The institute has well equipped, spacious and up‐to‐date separate library for various sub division with a wide range of books, periodicals & journals on literature, social science, humanities, science and technology.